Mars One: Exciting Adventure or Hoax?

As I was discussing the economics of technology, I scheduled to write a post on the false solutions we can find around us for stimulating technological mega trends. In my eyes the Mars One story is the best, or saddest, example of such a false solution. It is not just that it seems like an empty case, but also it generates a hype, and expectations among the less well-informed, which will in the end lead to disappointment and resignation. I am always amazed that these guys from Mars One get so much media attention. Wouldn’t this attention be better aimed at the serious efforts that are being taken all over the world to bring our space exploration step by little step forward?

As I was investigating for my post I stumbled upon the post linked below. This analysis is so good that I decided to repost it here.

My main message is: Don’t make technology more difficult than need be. But definitively also do not pretend that it can be done quick and dirty.

Mars One: Exciting Adventure or Hoax?.

Mars One Art Work