What to do between today and 2113?

So there we go! A reader starts writing. In that sense we are talking about an experiment, testing a hypothesis. The hypothesis is that someone who reads a lot (and I mean A LOT, just ask my wife!) also has something to say. Is able to process all that information, mix it, judge it, cut it up and combine it in now ways, to generate valuable new thoughts.

Also this is an experiment in the workings of social media: Believe it or not, but I have been teaching and consulting on the topic, but have never done a blog, never attempted to draw a following. I realize that I had three words in the previous sentence (believe, teaching, following) that could create a suspicion regarding religiosity. Just to take that suspicion away immediately (and warn the religious faint-of-heart): I am quite un- if not anti-religious, and will no doubt show that on a regular basis in this blog. So: If you can’t handle that, don’t read me!

So this blog is the start of a journey towards the year 2113, and in parallel a learning experience in generating traffic, followers, sharing, comments, based on my texts. In order for that to be successful I need to write good and well thought through blogs on topics that matter to people. Well, if I can create such texts we will see, as that is part of the experiment.

The topics you will find orbit around the exciting development of science and technology in the coming 100 years, and they ways in which this will change our lives and who we are in most profound ways. I will write about the mega trends that I see, which include genetics, robotics and space exploration, to mention the most important ones.

I will aim at painting possible scenarios of the world between today and the year 2113, and connect that futuristic image with developments of today: Technology developments, science developments and the social and political processes that have an impact on them.

So, the first question I am now curious about is the effect of mentioning the topics above on interest in and visits to by blog. My expectations are modest. I realize that I will need to create content that you want to read, spend your precious time on. Therefore I will ask your feedback, so I can accommodate.

For all non-Finnish readers: On Friday we celebrate Juhannus, which is Mid-Summer, a very important day for Finnish people (and for Dutchmen living in Finland. So I wish all a great Mid-Summer, and remember: After Friday the days are getting shorter, and we will be heading straight towards winter (Finnish optimism!).

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Summer in Finland